View Full Version : Redi-Check ET-73 Thermometer Alternate

08-12-2017, 08:08 PM
Re the Redi-Check ET-73 Wireless Thermometer

Really frustrated with this thing ... range inside the house is lousy ... signal keeps getting dropped by the receiver.

I'm placing the receiver in the house ... just about 20 feet from the transmitter as the crow flies.

Moving the receiver all over the place looking for a sweet spot doesn't help ... that is ... unless I'm close to line of sight ... new batteries didn't help ... the antenna hack didn't help either.

I wanna scuttle this thing ...

Anyone have a better alternative?

BTW ... I'm wondering if I can just ditch the receiver ... and add a 20 foot hard wire extension to the thermocouple ... and use the transmitter readout only. Has anyone tried that?



08-13-2017, 11:04 AM
Can't help you. If I'm using my vertical stick burner, I'm feeding every 40 minutes- so I'm there with it not in the house watching netflix or surfing for por...err- stuff.

On my drum, I have a turkey thermo that is long enough to read to the center of my grate. I "clock it" so my desired temp is at 12:00 - I can glance thru the storm door and see the temp across the yard easily. I don't have to see the degrees- I just have to see the needle

One day I will get one of those remote thermometer thingies...or not.