View Full Version : Maybe so, maybe no.

07-17-2017, 10:02 PM
Sunday I took a chance and stopped into a new bbq joint, unfortunately being Sunday they were closed, so while looking around I saw a sign that may be a good indicator this could be some good bbq. It gave the days of the week, but also what they were cooking on those days,plus they listed the time these items like brisket, ribs pork butt and other various items would be ready to order. I have never seen this on any other bbq place I have been to. Now this suggest somethings to me like the pit boss knows his stuff, and it will be interesting to go back in the near future to try it out. This is a very new place so its not like he has been doing this here for years, but he may have been cooking for years who knows? I just thought/hope the sign could be a good indicator that it could be some really good bbq or not. Its not unusual for a them to tell you when something will be ready, but thought the sign took it up a couple notches.

07-18-2017, 09:48 AM
Reasonably fresh BBQ is way better than something that was cooked a couple or 3 days earlier and warmed up. The crappy BBQ restaurants in my area only cook on the weekends. Their offerings are quite good on Friday and Saturday but don't go to any of them in the middle of the week. :puke: