View Full Version : First bigger cook - how did I do on prep time

07-03-2017, 10:08 PM
I am cooking three 13lb (post trim - started around 16lb) briskets, two 7lb Boston butts, and 4 slabs of st Louis spares tomorrow. I did a fairly aggressive trim on the briskets, broke down four spare slabs to St Louis style, and trimmed and injected 2 Boston butts in 2 hours. It was quite a bit of work but feel like I got quite a bit accomplished in that time. Couldn't imagine doing an even bigger cook, I would have to be a little more discerning in what I include in the prep. This was a more competition oriented prep for what it's worth.

How's that rate on the prep time scale?

And a brisket picture, because everyone likes pics of brisket

07-04-2017, 12:14 AM
Tough crowd :P

Went ahead and dry brined 8 chicken leg quarters with salt + pepper. Might as well cook for lunch this week too while I have the smoker running.

07-04-2017, 12:26 AM
That's a great time to get all that done. My first big cook I left 1 hour to trim 6 briskets. Took well over 2 but I'm real picky on my trim job. Now I prep the night before so I can take my time.

Smoke on Badger Mountain
07-04-2017, 01:19 AM
You made good time.

07-04-2017, 01:36 AM
I'm impressed. I've never done a big cook and it scares the bejeezus out of me.

07-04-2017, 04:32 AM
Pretty good! I (almost) always underestimate the amount of time I need to prep!