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06-12-2017, 10:19 AM
Hi all,

New registered user to the Brethren forums here - but I'm a long time reader.

Previously smoked pork butts on my Traeger, but never two at once - and none over 10 pounds - these were ~11 pounds each.

I read a while back on an old Traeger forum a topic on a slightly different way to smoke butts and decided to try it out.

The post noted to turn the Traeger on to medium heat for an hour with the meat on, then switch to smoke for the duration - supposedly the penetration of smoke flavor will be higher as the higher heat opens the pores of the meat...

Well, I tried it and frankly I think the smoke didn't penetrate as much as just leaving in on smoke (usually 4-6 hours, and 5 hours for these two with apple pellets). Injected with unfiltered apple juice, one rubbed with mustard and one with oil, then liberally applied rub.

Food came out great, but I missed that deep smoke flavor when just smoking and then cooking. Unlikely to try this method again.

Anyone else experience this?

Now it could have been because I cooked them in pans - so that's another variable that could be the problem. Just unsure and thought that I'd ask here.

What I did like is the overnight smoke with the Traeger! Started smoking at ~6:30p, increased temp to 225F at 11:30p (love the digital controller and the big hopper) and cooked overnight. I was up at 5a to check the hopper and do some chores. Meat was at ~165f on average across both butts in multiple spots. I then lowered the temp to 180F (otherwise they would be done too soon!) and continued to cook for 2 more hours. I wanted chew to the meat, so back up to 225F for another 2 hours and pulled them at ~200F. Rested for ~3 hours in the cooler and they were still so hot pulling the bones without tongs was a real experience. :)

BTW, I also smoked 2x 18" brat rings and 2x 18" sweet Italian sausages while smoking the butts, then pulled the rings and put into a gallon ziplock bag and into the fridge overnight. While the butts rested in foil/cooler/towels, I cooked the rings for ~2.5 hours at 180F. FWIW, they were gone quickly so no pics, but were very tasty. :)

Everything came together nicely and the eating began ~4p. 20+ very happy guests...


06-12-2017, 01:42 PM
Looks delicious from here. Nice bark too!