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09-11-2016, 10:00 AM
Had a great day yesterday cooking ribs at the South Arkansas Outdoor Expo and Rib Cook Off. Got to meet Biskitzngravy. Great bunch of people, enjoyed talking to them. We even got to bring home some trophies. We ended up winning 3rd place Best Ribs, 2nd place Best Rig (thanks to Paul and Tyler Shirley), and 1st place Cookers Choice (with a bread pudding w/bananas foster sauce cooked in the warmer of the Shirley).

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09-11-2016, 11:18 AM
That's awesome. Congrats

09-11-2016, 11:20 AM
Congrats on the bling. That's great.

09-11-2016, 11:23 AM
Rite on , Congrats !!!

09-11-2016, 12:28 PM
Beautiful sir.

09-11-2016, 12:33 PM
Awesome!!!!! I hope to have mine built before the Arkansas game so I can cook me a hog!!!!!!! Great to see you on the forum.... and congrats on the cook looks awesome!!!!!!

09-11-2016, 01:27 PM
Lol, thanks Paul, remember I told you to be careful messin' round with them Hogs, they will BITE! Don't be surprised to see me before long, I'm planning a trip to Tuscaloosa to come visit and see the new shop.

09-11-2016, 02:19 PM
Congratulations, the cook looks amazing... Care to share details about the bread pudding.

09-11-2016, 05:09 PM
2 cups sugar
5 eggs
2 cups milk
2 tsp. vanilla extract

3 cups cubed Italian bread (allow to stale overnight)

pour mixture over bread and let sit 10 min or so.

In another bowl mix:
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/2 stick of butter (softened)
1 cup chopped pecans
1 cup craisins (optional)(I did not use this)

Mix and crumble together and sprinkle over top

The recipe calls for cooking in a 9 x 13 at 350 for 35 -45 min. I put it in a tin pan with a lid, put it in the warmer in which never got above 250 and cooked for around 1.5 hrs (i just watched a kept checking it close after an hour until done).

09-11-2016, 05:20 PM
Congrats, brother!

Looks like you folks had a great day, made some delicious barbecue, and took home some nice bling in the process.

I'd call that a Win most any day.

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09-11-2016, 06:11 PM
Nice cook and it sounds like you had a great day.

09-11-2016, 06:25 PM
Congrats to you and the Shirley. Looks great.

09-11-2016, 07:39 PM
Having fun and collecting trophies. :thumb:

Bigbears BBQ
09-11-2016, 07:51 PM
Congrats on the bling and thanks for sharing the recipe.