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Huh? What?
09-02-2016, 08:56 PM
Suggested to the wife that we smoke/grill something for Labor Day before going to work. Came home to find we are hosting a Labor Day cookout for fifteen people on Sunday.

Picked up 28 pounds of St. Louis style ribs for the main meat.

I made up a rub of brown sugar, sea salt, onion powder, garlic powder, basil, oregano, dehydrated bell pepper, and Parmesan cheese. I did two thirds of the ribs with that.

Then I did a rub of brown sugar, onion powder, garlic powder, cumin, green chili powder, paprika, mustard, sea salt, and black pepper. I did the remainder of the ribs with that.




They are all resting in the refrigerator until Sunday morning.

Bigbears BBQ
09-02-2016, 10:11 PM
I don't like to put rubs with salt in them on the ribs and let them sit that long. But I may give your rum with the Parmesan a try.

09-03-2016, 07:14 AM
Looks good, keep us posted...

09-03-2016, 07:21 AM
Man o Man! Cant wait to see those cookin!

09-03-2016, 12:50 PM
You had me at ribs!

09-03-2016, 01:40 PM
Those look great, man.

You folks are going to have a feast!

Huh? What?
09-03-2016, 03:27 PM
Still not sure what we're having besides ribs. I suggested a side of bacon. The wife said that wasn't enough side dishes.

09-03-2016, 04:39 PM
Looks like a good start. Will be checking back on this cook.

Huh? What?
09-03-2016, 07:36 PM
Settled on Green Chile mac & cheese and salad to go with the ribs.

Huh? What?
09-04-2016, 11:15 AM
Experimenting with hanging ribs in the smoker. Using the standard metal racks that come with the smoker, I was pretty much limited to four racks of ribs at a time. I decided to try devising a way to hang the ribs.

I cut four steel rods the same width as the slide-in racks. Using two of the rods, I threaded them through the ribs. Then I can place the rods into the brackets the slide-in metal racks use and hang the ribs.


Finished hanging all four rods with racks of ribs. Currently nine racks of ribs smoking.


Huh? What?
09-04-2016, 04:10 PM
Rib update...


09-04-2016, 04:44 PM
Looking good...

09-04-2016, 05:07 PM
Looking very good, want to share?

Huh? What?
09-04-2016, 10:38 PM
Ended up going a little under six hours at 225...




Green chili mac & cheese


Free Mr. Tony
09-04-2016, 10:44 PM
Those look really nice.

09-04-2016, 10:52 PM
Looks good.

09-05-2016, 01:48 AM
I like the high density hanging arrangement. Any comments on the different rubs?

09-05-2016, 09:37 AM
Those ribs look tasty. Great idea for hanging.

Big Swole
09-05-2016, 09:42 AM
Awesome looking ribs

Huh? What?
09-05-2016, 11:03 AM
I had enough to vacuum pack four racks and put them in the freezer.

Huh? What?
09-05-2016, 11:04 AM
As far as the rubs, the green chili rub worked quite nice. Good southwestern flavor without being "too spicy" since I have a majority of friends who are wimps about fiery foods.

The other rub was good, but not great.

09-05-2016, 02:25 PM
Thanks! I'll put that one into the recipe book.

09-05-2016, 02:42 PM
Not sure you had much choice given the length, but I like where you speared them because you got a built in bend test at the top.