View Full Version : Smoked meatloaf....where have you been all my life

08-08-2016, 11:21 AM
After seeing the threads on here about smoking meatloaf....I had to give it a try. Had some leftover ground beef (from making burgers) so I added some rub, some BBQ sauce, onions, grated parmesan and chili flakes (cause everything is better spicy).

Mixed everything together and into a hot kettle they went. Gave them maybe 2 hours in the oak smoke, then one coat...then another coat...of BBQ sauce and waited for the sauce to set up and get all sticky and happy.

WOW....this stuff is killer...not dry at all and full of flavor. Beats the crap out of regular meatloaf.....

08-08-2016, 12:24 PM
Looks great. Yes totally agree with your findings in flavor. Thanks for posting.

08-08-2016, 12:27 PM
Those look great! I gotta give them a try as well.

Smoking Piney
08-08-2016, 12:30 PM
Once you smoke 'em, there's no going back to oven baked loaves. :-D

08-08-2016, 12:35 PM
I'm doing one for my Mum tonight.

08-08-2016, 12:46 PM
Looks great!! We like both the loaves and Cupcake/muffin tins. More better parts

Joe Black
08-08-2016, 12:48 PM
Dan, those really look great. I've known folks who have thrown their oven away after smoking a meatloaf. There's no better way.

08-08-2016, 01:49 PM

08-08-2016, 01:52 PM
Great job there!

Enrico Brandizzi
08-08-2016, 01:55 PM
Great color and smoke ring on that meatloaf !

08-08-2016, 02:17 PM
Looks great! Haven't gone back to oven since I tried it.

08-08-2016, 02:42 PM
Looks wonderful, everything better with a lil smoke and fire

08-08-2016, 06:23 PM
Definitely look great, I see some smoked meat loaf in my future.

Hillbilly BBQ
08-08-2016, 07:03 PM
Great idea...will do this very soon!!!

08-08-2016, 07:49 PM
Smoked meatloaf is great no if ands or ors about it. I did it one day for the sake of doing so and now the family won't eat one cooked in an oven.

Yours looks superb!

08-08-2016, 07:57 PM
Great looking meat loaves. Glad you joined the club.

08-08-2016, 08:01 PM
I like the idea of smoking a meatloaf, but its no longer meatloaf once you put bbq sauce on it.

08-08-2016, 09:03 PM
I like the idea of smoking a meatloaf, but its no longer meatloaf once you put bbq sauce on it.
I cook mine naked.

08-08-2016, 10:56 PM

08-09-2016, 04:13 AM
Your Meatloaf has inspired me ,I love meatloaf and yours rocks

08-09-2016, 09:03 AM
I like the idea of smoking a meatloaf, but its no longer meatloaf once you put bbq sauce on it.

Why not? I know people that drown theirs in ketchup.....is that still meatloaf? :mrgreen::mrgreen:

08-09-2016, 03:26 PM
Looks great! I haven't smoked a meatloaf in a while. I have to put that back in the lineup.

08-09-2016, 04:03 PM
Looks terrific. I think I can smell it! Ummmmmm.

08-09-2016, 04:28 PM
HI Guys, how about some favorite meat loaf recipes..

08-09-2016, 04:58 PM
Love smoked meatloaf and yours looks great!

08-25-2016, 04:59 PM
how much heat ???

08-26-2016, 08:13 PM
Wow - looks delicious! You have inspired me, I think I will give them a try this Sunday. I don't have the time for pork butt or brisket this weekend, however, this might just be what I am looking for!

08-26-2016, 10:07 PM
That looks good. Will be trying soon.

08-27-2016, 08:21 AM
I'm going to have to try that one.

08-27-2016, 08:34 AM
Is there a particular temp you cooked it to ? Looks great.

08-27-2016, 12:28 PM
Dadgummit!! My grocery list just got a little larger!
Looks fantastic!