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05-31-2016, 08:09 PM
Answer this for me as I'm going nuts trying to figure out or am I just going nuts trying to -

A while back I cooked a 9-10lb brisket at 275-300 & it took 10+ hrs - pulled early due to time constraints but meat temp was in mid 190's but was still tough in parts of the flat so not "knife through butter" tender but good enough to feed tailgate crowd. For Memorial day, brisket was 9-10 lb so I started it at midnight Sun night thinking it'd be done noonish or slightly after & would have a couple-few hrs hold time in cambro. I kept temp at 225-250 (so lower temp) but it was done at 6am. I followed same technique/trimming/seasoning so only variables were the briskets themselves & lower temp which should have cooked longer but didn't. Why the big difference in time w/ lower temp being done in shorter period vs higher temp taking longer???

BBQ Freak
05-31-2016, 08:34 PM
I found all briskets cook different .

05-31-2016, 08:48 PM
What are you using to gauge your grate temp, based off what you are saying I don't think you are cooking at the temps you think you are. Last Brisket I cooked was a 13# full packer @ 300, it was done in 6.5hrs. They can be funny sometimes and when they're done, they're done, each one is different.

05-31-2016, 08:51 PM
Bludawg is free or buy Franklin's book. Seriously. Your frustrations will end.

05-31-2016, 09:19 PM
Where both cooked on the same pit?? Where are you taking your pit temps???

05-31-2016, 09:20 PM
You'll find every now and then one is quicker and one is slower. Be thankful you learned this lesson so quickly.

05-31-2016, 10:04 PM
A couple of answers - same pit (OC Pecos) & pit therm would be approx. middle of cook chamber but have boil tested it so it's correct.

I think Franklin's book is on the get list if not already got, can't remember offhand but have seen some of his vids plus many others at Youtube. I'm not a full expert on briskets having only cooked a dozen or so in my life but do know a bit around the pit. I just couldn't wrap my mind around the difference in cook time of higher temp going longer than lower temp by several hrs. An hr or so difference I could understand.

05-31-2016, 10:22 PM
If you're confident in your grate temp readings, then it's just cuz it's a brisket, plain and simple. They can cook very differently from brisket to brisket.

I usually cook at 250-275, and have had an 11lber take 13.5hrs, and I have had one take 9.5. It's truly crazy how much they can differ. I don't mind letting mine go through the stall traditional style, but sometimes I get a cut that doesn't give a crap about that and powers itself through like it's a wrapped cut.