View Full Version : RecTec temperature accuracy

12-10-2015, 04:27 PM
I saw a post down below about a guy who thought the built-in temp sensor on his Green Mountain Grill was off, and I wondered about experience people have had with the RecTec.

Mine seems to come up to temp at a different rate depending on whether I check my Maverick or go off the "ACTUAL" setting on the built-in sensor. But after it settles in at temp, the two thermos seem to get fairly close to each other (maybe 15 degrees).

Anyone have good or bad experiences checking the accuracy of their RecTec?

12-10-2015, 05:10 PM
On my Rec tec mini it's usually 15 degrees lower at the grate. But if I hang the probe at the height of the probe tip it's within a few degrees. As long as the offset is consistent that's really all I look for. Then it's just a set point difference.

12-10-2015, 06:17 PM
I think the key to these sensors is that they are using the software in the controller to estimate the center grate temp based on the reading the probe has where it's mounted.

The accuracy of that estimate has at least a few variables. When you first start up the smoker the center may get hotter faster or slower than the edge of the smoker where the RTD sits. Once things have heated up for a while, the whole chamber evens out and it becomes better.

In the Rectec, the distance that the RTD is from the side matters as well. I bumped mine while removing the drip pan and knocked it close to the metal. With it in that position, I had significantly different readings between it and a maverick at the grate. They recommended having it about 3/4" away from the wall and once I bent it back, the readings went back to being very close.

I haven't played around to prove it but I think that the ambient temp matters too. On a nice warm summer day the reading is almost dead on. I would bet that if I tried the comparison in the dead of winter I'd see a difference with the rectec reading lower by a fair amount than the mav. Even though the rectec is made of serious steel, I'd bet that there is more variation in temp within the cook chamber than during an 85 degree day.

For me though, after checking it a few times I've decided I don't really need to worry about it and just go by the rectec reading.