View Full Version : Alpine Mojoe Smash Burgers!

12-07-2015, 09:12 PM
Last August, my buddies Brian and Jimmy (and my dog Nikki) took a trip into the far outback of the White Mountains in CA. The White Mountains are a little known mountain range on the eastern side of the Owens Valley directly across from the Sierra Nevada. This range is in the "Rain Shadow" of the Sierra making them very dry by comparison. They also rival the Sierra Nevada in elevation, rising to a level just 200 feet below that of Mount Whitney.

We found a killer campsite at an elevation of 9,200 feet on the Eastern slope of the range next to a surprising babbling brook in an area dominated by a vast network of basalt rock formations far grander than any found in Joshua Tree or the Alabama Hills. In other words, one of the best 4WD campsites I have ever found!

One evening at the camp, we decided to make some kicked-up smash burgers for dinner. So I lit up my Camp Chef stove and heated up my Mojoe Griddle. We took video of this cook. I also added some footage of the trail as we approached the camp and the surprise clueless visitor that stumbled into our camp.

Here is the video: