View Full Version : First Ever Brisket Tales?

10-13-2015, 01:43 PM
The first brisket I ever cooked, in my WSM, was horrid. Dry as can be although the flavor was nice.

Since then I am consistently getting really nice briskets as I have learned and practiced and am quite confident in cooking them at this time. Right from the beginning pork butts have been fine and ribs pretty good to excellent but brisket started off really bad.

Thinking about this made me wonder: Is there anyone out there who hit it for a wonderful brisket on his or her first try?

10-13-2015, 02:10 PM
my first ever brisket, along with 24 or so of his compadres was fantastic, of course, I wasn't in charge of the cook, Mr. Wally was, I was just the pit bitch.

10-13-2015, 02:11 PM
Sorry, my age is showing, but I honestly do not remember my first brisket. It is most likely not the only "first" I can no longer recall.

Q Junkie
10-13-2015, 02:20 PM
My first experience was not good. That is because I knew nothing about how to cook a brisket. I thought I had over cooked it because it was dry. I took the time to read everything I could find about brisket on this site and went back at it with a completely different mind set and it came out very good. From there I made minor adjustments based on what I picked up from the last cook. Brisket cooking requires a little patience, persistence, experience and a little zen. I am no way claiming to be a brisket master but I think I have a good idea regarding what is going on inside the meat so it is less intimidating but still requires some basic skills.

10-13-2015, 02:44 PM
My first ever brisket was awesome, but I took over as a restaurant pit master with no BBQ experience (lol) and a recipe was built in for me. Soo...

10-13-2015, 02:46 PM
I knew nothing. Absolutely nothing. I was going off of instructions I had been given. My fire management was terrible. Oversmoked and tough. Back before there were helpful sites like this!

10-13-2015, 02:52 PM
without any knowledge of how to cook a brisket it would be tough to get your first one right. the ones that get it right the first time have done their homework or been taught.

10-13-2015, 02:58 PM
I'll have a "first brisket tale" in a few weeks when I finally do one in my PBC. I think I have my process put together pretty well so I'm crossing my fingers!! I'm nervous like it's a friggen job interview!!

10-13-2015, 03:01 PM
The problem with my first brisket, and I'm being honest here, is that it was so good. Hear me out, as I'm not being arrogant.

Before my first one, I did a lot of reading about how to cook brisket. I was armed with tons of written information and monitored my Bandera like a hawk. I was constantly tweaking the intake and exhaust to keep temps spot on, I had a probe in the meat to help with temps, I kept 20 minute logs of temps/conditions, and I had an idea of what "probe tender" meant as well as the importance of resting. It really turned out great.

The problem is, that went to my head and the next time I cooked brisket, I tried to do it all from memory, cut too many corners with the fire management thinking it was not that big of a deal, pulled too early, and rested too short. I thought I had already "mastered" the majority of the process and that I was a natural. That brisket, and the next two or three, were cooked too long or too little, were dry, and not at all an upgrade over your regional budget BBQ joint. Discouraging, for sure.

I went back to that first brisket cook and started slowly incorporating pieces of that cook in to a repeatable routine. The results have been better (nearly) every time.

10-13-2015, 03:03 PM
My first brisket was good. I call it my crack brisket, because none of the rest have ever been as good, and I have more knowledge now than I did when I made my first.

10-13-2015, 03:23 PM
My first one turned out OK, but I did a lot of online research before the cook. It was on a Char Griller American Gourmet offset, and I was probably burning briquettes and apple chips. Nice texture, but I think my rub was either too salty or most likely applied too far in advance as the meat tasted a bit like corned beef. My best ones were done on a OTS a couple of years later. Ones I've cooked on the UDS were not as good as the OTS cooked ones.

I'd like to cook brisket more, but the prices where I live are insane.

10-13-2015, 03:50 PM
I pretty well destroyed my first 3 briskets. Dad always said I was a little hard headed. They were tough enough to recap my car tires. Thanks to the web my briskets are no longer doggy chew toys.

Woody Butthrie
10-13-2015, 03:55 PM
Looking back, my first brisket was OK. I thought at the time it was great. But I had never cooked or had brisket being from the pork state. Now I now it was a little over cooked and fell apart too easy.

Kyle Serlington
10-13-2015, 06:37 PM
my first brisket was 4 years ago. i remember my first few ones not going so well. i cooked one good one before i joined this board and i think i just got lucky because the one i did after that was bad. my first one had a super dark bark and i think i oversmoked it

10-13-2015, 07:19 PM
I cooked my 1st (market trimmed flat) over a camp fire. You know how that went! Ate it anyway.

10-13-2015, 10:26 PM
Mine was fine as I read a lot beforehand...

10-14-2015, 01:37 AM
My first was a flat that I tried to do on a gas grill. Taste was good. Tenderness and moisture were not. Was discouraging at best. It is what put me over the edge to buy a dedicated smoker.

10-15-2015, 02:15 PM
My first ever brisket was awesome, but I took over as a restaurant pit master with no BBQ experience (lol) and a recipe was built in for me. Soo...

And his brisket is "Robin feeding good" too!!:thumb:

10-15-2015, 06:50 PM
my first was a disaster. I had no patience and couldnt believe it took so long to cook. I ended up taking it off the smoker early and it wasnt tender at all. ended up cutting it up and using it for chili and brisket hash.

10-15-2015, 09:12 PM
Did my first one in my KJ a few months ago, flat was a little over cooked but other than that it was great. One mistake I made was leaving it in the fridge uncovered over night. Had a really flakey bark. Second brisket was much better but was lower quality meat so it didn't have as much moisture as I would prefer.

My offset should be here in a few days, then I will really go for my first real brisket cook. The KJ is too easy it doesn't count haha.