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10-12-2015, 05:47 PM
My current build project started about two months ago when I got home from work, when I walked in the door my wife said "Turn on the water".
Of course I already knew why she would ask me to do that, no water.
After a few checks with the test meter I knew it wasn't the well pump.
After changing the filter (we have a heavy silt problem) the filter was instantly clogged when I turned the water back on. I presumed the pressure tank was the problem. I called the closest well driller/pump service.
He asked me some questions about well depth, when installed.
After I answered, about a minute later he told me he had helped his father install the pump and tank in 1993!
Two days later (and about $750.00) I had running water again.
So now I have a very nice looking smoker in the rough.
I did a search and found a post on this site from 2010 by "Samann"
included were some very good photos but little on the fire box and method of firing it.
My tank is also shorter (36" tall 22" did) but larger diameter.
I don't know where the bladder divider is yet (just got the plasma cutter working again)
Any suggestions as to how to fire it? Direct or off set?
Thanks in advance for any advice

10-12-2015, 05:59 PM
Here is one we did:
If your tank is only 36" tall, you might consider making a seperate firebox, maybe a cube design with your tank sitting on top as a vertical. Best of luck with your build.