View Full Version : Pitmaster IQ20 vs. BBQ Guru DigiQ probes

10-12-2015, 03:07 PM
Does anyone know if the probes for these two devices are interchangeable?

10-12-2015, 05:22 PM
Don't think so

10-12-2015, 07:50 PM
From the standpoint of a Digi-Q DXII user, I wouldn't use anything except the probes that were designed for it.

I would have a concern about compatibility, but more of a concern for accuracy of the unit.

But that's just me, I treat all my tools including mechanics tools like they are worth their weight in gold, cleaned and in their place after every use. Even after 30 years of use, most look brand new... I have the same respect for my BBQ items.

10-13-2015, 07:02 AM
Thanks for your thoughts guys. IamMadMan, I am about the same with my tools which is why I was asking. Over time I seem to have acquired both brands of monitors. One cooker I bought came with a DigiQ and another with a Pitmaster IQ120, plus I already had a DigiQ. So, I have probes out the wazoo. The temp probe on the Pitmaster was acting strangely this weekend but I finished the cook without it then wondered later if the DigiQ probe might have worked.