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10-10-2015, 08:51 PM
I have had the worst year of my not so long life. Truck blew up. Pipe leaks causing me to remove the ceiling and fix the plumbing. Find out my deck is sinking because it was not put in correctly. Had to remove it and redo the entire thing. Then my grandfather dies.

Thankfully this place was here during this year to give me something to look forward to and meet some great people along the way. Thank you Phil. I appreciate the two times you allowed me to play with you and give back on one of those occasions to our military members. Never had a more humbling experience in my life, and I can't wait for next year.

During that time I had ordered a Shirley and had to put it on hold. Then I told Paul I think we are good to go. At no point in time did Paul ever dismiss me as a customer. He hung in there and took care of me through the whole process. Through my 1,000 changes, I exaggerate this not. I blame Youtube, Facebook and the Brethren for these changes.

I got the call from Paul that after nine months of him being patient and working with me, that my cooker is good to go for a Tuesday pickup. I will be leaving Pennsylvania on Monday for Alabama. 14 1/2 hour drive one way. I'm not sure if I'm more excited to see my cooker in person, or to meet Paul. I guess I'll figure that out when it happens.

Pictures to follow.

10-10-2015, 08:54 PM
This is the start of things turning around for you, SmokerPa!

Take care and enjoy your road trip. Of course, we expect a full report and pictures

10-10-2015, 08:56 PM
this story sounds very similar to mine when i ordered from Shirley Fabrication, definitely a great company with great people. glad your on your way to get your amazing smoker!

10-10-2015, 08:58 PM
tough year...really sorry to hear that. that new shirley should help. meeting paul, tyler and ross is just another part of the shirley experience. the long trip will fly by. congrats!

10-10-2015, 09:00 PM
That does sound like a tough year, just keep pushing forward, and enjoy that new cooker

BBQ Freak
10-10-2015, 09:24 PM
have a safe trip and just think of the awesome food your going to make on that smoker . congrats on your new baby . :clap:

10-10-2015, 09:26 PM
Sorry for your hardships.
Consider this a turning point and use it to power through.
Be safe on your travels!

10-10-2015, 09:43 PM
Congrats on your new cooker. You are going to love it.

Smoke on Badger Mountain
10-11-2015, 02:02 AM
Congrats on the new pit! Enjoy the road trip. Hope things keep looking up

10-11-2015, 03:23 AM
Well worth the wait! Welcome to the family!

Smokey Lonesome
10-11-2015, 06:45 AM
Safe travels brother. Lots of good times ahead in life and with that cooker. Pics when you get back!

10-11-2015, 07:24 AM
Yep, in life, if your not on the mountain, your in the valley. Sounds like you're climbing back to the top of the mountain.
Sorry to hear about your Granddad.

Safe travels and I'm sure it will be a pleasure meeting the Shirley Family.

Best to ya!

Tango Joe
10-11-2015, 08:33 AM
After your year this will be a lift for sure.
Meeting Paul & Tyler was great, making the drive down south so well worth it.
Of course, getting the SF cooker back home will be fantastic - Congratulations!

10-11-2015, 08:36 AM
Congrats on the SF Cooker. I hope you post a few pics of it in action.