View Full Version : Alternate App for the E-735

10-10-2015, 12:30 PM
Hi All,

Fairly new here. Been watching for a while. Anyway, just got my ET-735 this week, in time for some cooking on the kettle, but also for Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend.

with the little I have used it so far, it is working okay. Later today and tomorrow will be the bigger tests. But so far I am not impressed with the app itself, its kind of clunky... I don't really need a huge image of meat, I know what I am cooking - I would prefer to have a timer and the temp on the same screen. Haven't been able to figure out how to start a second timer either...

But to my real question - has anyone discovered another app that will work with the ET-735? or is the redi-check app the only one out there.