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10-06-2015, 08:40 AM
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I have a first gen wifi stoker - picture attached (for my medium egg) and recently acquired a second egg (x-large).

I am interested in getting a second blower to power the XL but am curious if it's worth just upgrading the unit and selling or giving my parents the first for what looks to be about $80-160 depending on how much i can sell the original for.

the advantages of the second version claim to be lid detection and a soft-arrival on temp as well as new wifi capabilities.

What are everyones thoughts?


10-06-2015, 08:57 AM
Before you get rid of the current one, you might want to see if the latest firmware version at Rock's site provide the new improvements or if that's just for the newest hardware. The latest version on Rock's site is

If that doesn't give you the newest stuff and if you've got the cash to do it, I think the lid detection would be worth the upgrade.

10-06-2015, 09:12 AM
thanks - called them yesterday and asked the same question.

new firmware won't handle lid detection or the new algorithm for "soft landing"

that said, i'm not unhappy with the current version but the added features are compelling :)

10-06-2015, 09:17 AM
The new red letters box is faster and more responsive than my white letters black box one. It seems to serve the html quicker

10-06-2015, 09:23 AM
I have all 3. white, WiFi 1 and WiFi 2. I use the StokerLog software on my PC and if my memory serves me correctly, it has lid detection in it. I have used it on all 3 models.
But saying that the Ver 2 WiFi Stoker is much better on the WiFi due to they use a better radio, B/G I believe.
You can check it out here. And ask some questions if you like. Amir wrote the software.