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Big George's BBQ
09-13-2015, 08:57 PM
Unfortunately I did not think of taking pics until I was almost done. I made up a brine yesterday so it could get nice and cold- 1 qt water 2 Tbs kosher st and light brown sugar and 3/4 tsp Old Bay Seasoning. I added some honey and a bay leaf after a boil. I put 4 thighs and 6 legs in today for 2 hrs. When done I raised them and patted dry and let them rest in a container in fridge for about 4 hrs. Then I took them out and let them sit on the counter so the skin could dry. I then coated them with olive oil and put Smoke'n Dudes Chicken Rub on them. I pu them on a raised grate direct on the Egg on grill grates. 30 min later they were done
http://i296.photobucket.com/albums/mm194/gehrhorn/963B27BC-92E0-4820-B82C-ED587A514518_zpsavurr0nw.jpg (http://s296.photobucket.com/user/gehrhorn/media/963B27BC-92E0-4820-B82C-ED587A514518_zpsavurr0nw.jpg.html)
Plated wit roasted Brussels sprouts and long grain and wild rice
http://i296.photobucket.com/albums/mm194/gehrhorn/F21F9741-4CD9-4F14-9827-F87B256830E4_zpsqvdeylez.jpg (http://s296.photobucket.com/user/gehrhorn/media/F21F9741-4CD9-4F14-9827-F87B256830E4_zpsqvdeylez.jpg.html)
http://i296.photobucket.com/albums/mm194/gehrhorn/0B31EC39-5D27-495D-8209-6FAD5CAD0072_zpss2qlqx1k.jpg (http://s296.photobucket.com/user/gehrhorn/media/0B31EC39-5D27-495D-8209-6FAD5CAD0072_zpss2qlqx1k.jpg.html)
This was really good. My nephew stopped by and said it was "classic". They were a little over cooked but the brine kept them nice and juicy

Jason TQ
09-13-2015, 09:13 PM
That is the perfect char for me. I could just eat that skin :-D. Looks great.

Big George's BBQ
09-13-2015, 09:17 PM
The skin came out Great My wife who is not a skin lover really liked it

09-13-2015, 09:20 PM
Im jealous. I cant get Yuengling in Oklahoma. I spend some time evey year in Ohio on business and sure enjoy a few of those. Great looking chicken BTW.

Big George's BBQ
09-13-2015, 10:26 PM
Sorry about the beer I do like it

09-13-2015, 10:29 PM
It would be my pleasure to have a plate of your chicken.

09-14-2015, 02:52 AM
BBQ chicken and Brussels is some great stuff. Love some Yuengling too. We finally got it around here a few years ago. It is especially good on tap.

09-14-2015, 04:31 AM
You can make me happy with that!
When I was in The States Yuengling was about the only beer I drank.
Wonder if I can get it in TheNetherPharkinglands...I'm gonna check it out.

Big George's BBQ
09-14-2015, 06:26 AM
That would be good Phu