View Full Version : Burnt ends question

Fillmore Farmer
08-29-2015, 12:47 AM
Keeping it simple....

Non-competition setting, just cooking for family/friends/fun

Brisket hits 200F, feels and probes tender...brisket gets pulled and I usually wrap it with towels to let it 'rest' for 2 hours before cutting. That's the regular routine.

Decided to try burnt ends (as I was cutting) so I took most of the point meat, cubed it and added seasoning/sauce and returned to the smoker for an hour or so...came out great but then it occurred to me:

Do we let the entire brisket 'rest' for 2 hours and then separate point/flat and and proceed to make burnt ends OR should/could I separate point/flat when it comes off smoker and put the flat into 2 hour rest and get the point meat headed towards making burnt ends? Another way to put it: do we let the whole brisket rest before cubing/processing burnt ends?

08-29-2015, 07:05 AM
Don't think there's a right or wrong answer to this. Personally, I rest the whole brisket and eat whatever parts of it I want for the first meal -- wife likes the flat, I like slices of the point. I then vac seal and freeze the rest of the point and use it another day for burnt ends.