View Full Version : Rotisserie Pig Spit Recipes

08-28-2015, 11:32 AM
Does anyone have a recipe for a pig on a spit that they would be willing to share with me?

Trailer Trash
08-29-2015, 11:39 PM
I have never done a pig on the spit however eight on a pit. Wouldn't think there'd be a lot of difference. I pump it full (3 quarts for a 80 pound hog) of 50/50 Apple Cider Vinager and Apple Juice. Then rub it down with Grape Seed Oil (handles high heat temps) and sprinkle medium amount of Kosher Salt and Coarse Pepper inside and out. Let set overnight in very large cooler with ice or plywood casket lined with painters plastic tarp filled w/ ice to marinate. Then just do your thing... Get the creative side of your munchers to decorate it for you!