View Full Version : Weber Silver Lid Holder Install

08-27-2015, 09:28 PM
Has anyone ever installed the Weber lid holder on a weber silver? I am not talking about the slide aside, I am talking about the lid holder like on the performer. If so, how did it turn out? Any tips? I am thinking about doing it.

08-28-2015, 12:43 AM
I haven't but it should be pretty easy I've drilled kettles before. You have to center punch your holes to break the porclin so the bit contacts the steel and step your holes starting with a 1/8th " bit

08-28-2015, 05:01 AM
I did and I would take some pic's but I sold it about a month ago. Just like Bludawg said, start off with a small bit and work your way up. Double check your markings too before you start to drill......mine was a bit crooked, but still worked fine.

08-28-2015, 08:51 AM
Make sure you put some tape down, before you do anything. If you don't, your punch and/or bit will move around. Plus, the tape helps hold the paint in place, to reduce or eliminate cracking.

Let us know how it turns out.


08-28-2015, 08:52 AM
Thanks everyone. I will update once I have the time to try it out.