View Full Version : beef snack stick question.

05-10-2015, 08:49 PM
My mom is hooked on Slim Jim snack sticks. I am wanting to see if there is a way I can make something similar for her. I do not have the equipment to grind and stuff sausage but was thinking of slicing the meat, finding a seasoning, and smoking it. She is not a fan of jerky so I don't want to dehydrate it. Does anyone have any suggestions or recopies that will help me out.

05-10-2015, 09:07 PM
To be close to slim Jim, just fill a casing with fat and grease. Should be close :-P. Sorry... Had to.

Without a grinder or stuffer, and not wanting beef jerky made from slices, I would buy a jerkey gun. Think caulk gun. You fill it with your seasoned ground beef you buy and no casings are needed. Makes good beef sticks without casings