View Full Version : Cracklins advice

02-08-2015, 09:54 PM
So we recently made many pounds of cracklins and I wanted the brethren's advice on storage. My dad says they're safe un-refrigerated for ever, but it doesn't make sense to me how this could be a safe practice. I ask you, my brother's in smoke, is it safe to keep them at room temperature? If so, how long? Hours, days, weeks, months? Please help.

02-08-2015, 10:10 PM
I prefer to chill them, they are, in theory safe. However, fat goes rancid and the taste goes off. The fridge stalls that process for weeks or longer. But, wrap them up tight, fat takes on refrigerator odors like crazy

02-08-2015, 10:30 PM
vac pack and freeze them for later use.