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Gary Tomato
02-06-2015, 07:22 PM
I've noticed a few threads about myology, the study of the muscular system, as a guide to where the most common cuts of meat we cook come from on the animals we eat. I thought i'd post them here in a single thread fourths interested;

Bovine Myology: http://bovine.unl.edu/eng/fab.jsp
Porcine Myology: http://porcine.unl.edu/porcine2005/pages/index.jsp?what=porcineVideoList
Ovine (Lamb) Myology: https://archive.org/details/ovinemyology698kauf (no videos)
Fish Myology: https://archive.org/details/cbarchive_34212_fishmyology1952


There's plenty of good videos on You Tube too.