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10-12-2013, 10:51 AM
I took delivery of my basic no upgrade Stumps Smoker Baby on Thursday. I did not get any pictures of her still boxed up due to the amount of rain VA has been getting last few days below is a recap of the ordering, customer service, wait, delivery and critique of the stumps smokers the baby.

After using a UDS and an 18.5" WSM I decided while the wife was away to upgrade to what I think is my final smoker. The Baby. My family only consist of my wife and I so I didn't need anything massive and wanted something that could cook year round and basically be a set and forget smoker.

The website: B-
There is a lot of misleading information on the Stumps website, example all orders under $5k are required a full payment minus crating/shipping charge up front. Website said 50% so be careful. I'll measure the interior when seasoning is done but I think it might be close.

Customer Service: D+ at best.
This might be a touchy subject however it's just one viewers opinion. After ordering with Thad I was told 8-12week wait time which was accurate at 11 weeks 3 days. *twitch* however what rubbed me wrong was I just spent $2k+ on a smoker and was told before it goes into painting we will call you so you can pay for the shipping fee. Well my wife gave me the ok to change the color instead if standard black. Well when I got the call it was already painted and ready to ship the next day. I know not exactly their fault as much mine so oh well. What really ticked me off was my wife surprised me with a trip to Orlando right before week 10. So I called Stumps again to make sure I wouldn't miss the delivery while I was gone. He simply said well if we haven't called you then it's not shipping out yet. No rough timeline or anything. When I did get the call it shipped out the very next day and was my house two days later. Maybe I expected to much as far as at least one update but this is my first experience with a Smoker company far away. If this is normal let me know and I'll adjust my grade.

Switching off my iPhone and onto something easier to type on. And pictures will be uploaded ASAP

10-12-2013, 11:16 AM
Shipping: A+
I got a call from Thad on Tuesday paid the shipping and crating fee ($500) and he said it wll ship out tomorrow (Wednesday) and due to my location i should have it by Friday or Monday. Well on Wednesday arranging the drop off for Thursday! at approx 11am I got a call from the crate company saying is it ok if we drop it in your drive way? Made it from GA to VA in a day I was very happy to have it 1-2 days earlier than expected. The crating was nicely done and due to the rain I decided to push the crate up the rest of the drive way and into the garage, heavy SoB :wacko: the casters that came with the smoker are very nice i do not see the need for the upgrade unless your going over grass, they come with grease nipples to keep them greased and a very big and roll nicely. I had to use my 3 ton floor Jack to lift it off the pallet and bolt on then to casters as I did this all solo. Took me approx 90 mins to get it all assembled with the help of the floor Jack. No way I could have done it without a Jack safely. There was zero scratches or dents.

Quality: A+
This thing is a TANK. extremely heady and solid, everything lines up nicely and the only thing i would change is I would have welded the rack holders on the bottom as well compared to just at the top. However im sure they will hold just fine. I vacuumed it out and wiped her down, sprayed veg oil all over her and rubbed it in. She is climbing up to 400* as I type to season it and burn off anything inside. I wish I could have timed how long it took to get to 225 but it was before I finished my second cup of coffee. I cannot give Stump and his crew enough credit on the overall quality of this smoker, just moving it around and getting hand on you know it will last. :clap:

10-12-2013, 05:51 PM
Keep the updates coming! And you can officially update your signature :)

10-12-2013, 06:56 PM
Sounds like a good review so far. I'm relatively new here but I just went through the same process waiting for my Stumps Classic, only an 8 week wait tho.

The shipping, like yours, was a surprise for me also because they didn't tell me about the crate fee I would have to pay at shipment. Shipping was on time and no damage at all to the smoker so I guess it was worth it in the end. I wish they would at least send an email or something to let you know how things are moving along, I didn't hear anything till it shipped.

Quality seems bulletproof and I don't see any problems anytime soon. They are tanks for sure, almost 600lbs for mine.

I really am happy with the purchase and have cooked on it every week since I've owned it. Although after reading posts here, the Assassin may have got the nod if I had to do it over, just from the reports of customer service alone.

I will add, after my smoker arrived, I had a couple questions and Thad was more than willing to answer them. He actually walked me thru many of the foods I was planning to cook and even what woods he liked best. I wish the whole process went as smooth as that call because they would get an "A" in customer service easily but not the case unfortunately.

Looking forward to updates and pictures. Just wanted to let you know you weren't alone in the customer service situation you experienced. Enjoy the cooker, I know I"m loving mine!