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07-22-2013, 08:58 PM
hey brethren, I need some help from you folks.

Im about to build my own smoker. It will be made out of a 275 gallon oil tank. I plan on standing up the tank and having a cooking grate roughly the length and width of the smoker which is 2ftX5ft.

My plans involve putting a smoker box on one side, and one the other side having a slide-out charcoal tray. The big question that remains is how to build a heat diverter. I wanted to make it removable, but that seems like its almost impossible, because if its removable, I cant control the smoke flow, creating hot and cold spots. If anyone can give me suggestions on the heat diverter, or has any experience with building these types of rigs, it would be appreciated.

Thanks BBQ'ers

Plum Crazy BBQ

07-22-2013, 09:51 PM
if your building a smoker I can assume you have tools such as drills and angle grinder. Do an online search for heat divider or damper to get ideas. Before i sold my offset, i purchased a sheet of metal just a few inches more narrow than the grate which would place it under the grate..the grate being at the center of the pipe and the heat divider under it between the grate and the bottom.i planned on drilling holes or taking it to someone who did cnc cuts to get lines or holes( bigger the furter you get from the fire box). no need to weld it in, just put it on and off as needed to clean and such.

07-23-2013, 09:03 AM
there are plenty of options here.. you can make her a reverse flow or a traditional offset. if you make her a RF your going to want to have the diverter welded to your Baffle plate go the length of the cooker and be open on the far end. Your going to want your exhaust to be on your firebox end. If you go Traditional your going to want your diverter to be welded to your firebox. Then have a gap and some duning plates to even out those temps. In either case your diverter should be of enough length to keep live flame from coming up and hitting your grate. Should also Generally be as thick as possible as this plate is going to get a lot of abuse. Hope this helps! and WE LIKE PICS! :-P