View Full Version : Performer mod being considered

05-28-2013, 12:35 PM
I never use the gas-assist on my Performer. I'm thinking of removing the burner tube and installing an ATC like the PartyQ using the existing hole. Possibly running an extension tube between the fan to the bowl in order to mount the PartyQ unit itself in a more accessible location.

Is there something I'm not foreseeing?

05-28-2013, 01:08 PM
why do you not use the propane assist? I use it for lighting charcoal for my smoker the grill, everything I cook with and love it. Just place the chimney over it and your done.

Bobby R
05-28-2013, 01:39 PM
Post back how it works because I don't use mine either. I had bad luck with it working right and I like the cubes better any way. I hated those small bottles and they are kind of pricey! When it did work right I would sometimes forget to turn it off. LOL That really ticked me off.

05-28-2013, 01:45 PM
I light my chimney with the Kingsford bag some how there is the perfect amount of paper to light all the coal.

05-28-2013, 02:03 PM
It's one of those things I used at first, but simply used less and less once the novelty wore off.