View Full Version : Fire and Ice: A precautionary tale and PRON!.

05-20-2013, 08:16 AM
So I planned to fire up the ECB and UDS smokers this weekend and experiment.

I was going to cold smoke some avocado and cheddar cheese, and hot smoke a pork belly and a shoulder.




I haven't smoked cheese before, so I'm going to sacrifice a brick to the smoke gods, and add more if successful.

Chapter 1: The Cold Smoker.

I cut into the avocado to place it on the grate, and I got avocado mush. I gave it a taste, and bleaah! Trash City.

I put the cheese on the grate...shhhhh, you'll ruin the story.....


and everything is running great, so I start with the belly and the shoulder in the UDS.

About an hour later, I open the lid to check on the cheese.

There's a reason that you're supposed to place an ice pan above the smoke source........



Mrs. SJ couldn't stop laughing....the remains looked like a frog.

Chapter 2: The Hot Smoker

Now, I'm gun shy about my belly and shoulder.

I was going to do the Pitmaster X, style, but after the cheese thing, I decided to smoke it at 275, and not at 400.

An amusing note about this belly:

I bought it at an Asian grocery store, but it is from a Danish pig. The pork ribs I have been buying from the American grocery store are also from Danish pigs.

I pulled it when it hit an IT of 160, and crisped the skin on the grill.




OMG! Money! Nom Nom Nom

The shoulder:


Deboned and defatted after spending a time-out in the cooler:




All in all, it was a good day. The Mrs. got a laugh, and I got a valuable lesson.

05-20-2013, 10:28 AM
Mrs. SJ couldn't stop laughing....the remains looked like a frog.

LOL....I'm not laughing at you bro, but this sounds too much like my everyday experiences around my cooker. Looks like you saved the day, just not the cheese.

05-20-2013, 10:39 AM
LOL best post of the day! Man I can identify with ya, we've all had our cooking blunders... but it's nice when you can laugh about it. I usually just approach it Pee Wee Herman style- when I'm cooking and I crash my proverbial bicycle, I just get up, dust myself off and say "I meant to do that."