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Sorry for the tardiness of this post. I have tried this pork loin before and we loved it, haven't tried it again until Sunday. Mostly because I remember it being delicious but laborious as with most cooks illustrated dishes. (Mainly because I don't have a prep team behind me, and I forget to budget time for it ha ha)

This time was different and the prep went smooth and was even a bit fun.

Rubbed the outside with Grill Mates® Applewood Rub my wife got me for easter( Not as lucky as some people who got BGE's:cry:) There was also what they called a dry brine - teaspoon sugar and salt rubbed inside and out and let sit for a while.

Stuffing consisted of sausage cooked and drained, minced garlic, cheese, pepper flakes, an egg and a slice of bread for binder. I added some fresh thyme. Mix all in food processor to make it easier to spread. I forgot to add the cheese in when processing but it didn't hurt to have in on top. Rolled and trussed back in fridge overnight with rub.

Lit one egg at 630am for the ham and planned to throw this on with it later. We got held up at services but FORTUNATELY the stoker was controlling the pit and a quick tap on the iphone allowed me to put things in standby.

Running late I pushed this loin a little faster than I would have liked, but may have been a blessing in disguise as it turned out fabulous although waiting on it to rest before slicing was hard!

Rave reviews and I (my own worst critic) couldn't find anything wrong with and actually agreed it was worthy of praise which doesn't come easy at my house.

If loins go on sale, this is a no brainer.

Even managed to get some stuffed chops out of the rest of the loin and stuffing I had left over.

Thanks for looking!

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Love it!

I have to try doing a loin.

Thanks for sharing,


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Beautiful loin right there. :thumb:

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That looks really good, a fine cook! :hungry: