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01-19-2013, 10:45 PM
Hey guys, I know gassers aren't the most popular mode of cooking on this board, but figured I'd post this review I wrote up and video I shot. These are pretty nice high end grills for those looking for true commercial grade equipment. This review is for their biggest grill, the MCB72

**Full disclosure**
After purchasing this grill and using it for a year and a half, we contacted Crown Verity and brought them aboard as a sponsor. So, while they are a sponsor, we were using their equipment well before that. Also, as a sponsor I get a pretty sweet discount which I am more than happy to pass on to any Brethren interested, just reply here or pm me.

Full review,

Video we shot,
Grill Review - Crown Verity MCB72 Propane Grill - Tailgate Joe - YouTube