View Full Version : New cast iron seasoning?

12-31-2012, 04:35 PM
I am getting ready to season my Christmas cast iron pot and have a question or 2. I have never had a pre seasoned pot before but though I would go a head and re season it so I have washed it with miled soap, dried and have my oven set for 450, I will put a light coat of veg oil on it. My question should I not re season it and if I do is 450 or for an hour and then let to cool in the oven after the heat is off? Hoping to do some biscuits later tonight.

12-31-2012, 05:39 PM
350 is plenty hot enough and for hr or so. Let it cool in the oven untouched untl cooled down to touch.I do mine a couple of times or so.

12-31-2012, 09:42 PM
I know there are different ways to season cast iron.

I coat lightly with vegetable oil or crisco, put into a 350 oven until the oil begins to smoke (usually about 10 to 15 minutes). I then turn off the oven and let it sit in the remaining heat until cool to the touch.

If nice and shiny you are all set and ready to go. I also season the outside as well as the inside and the handle as well.

01-01-2013, 12:39 PM
Modified my original plan by placing in 450 oven for about 30 minutes, the pot was already hot because I dried it on the top burners first, then turned heat of and left it in until cooled. I figured since it was pre seasoned that should do it. Today I will toss in a couple slices of buck board bacon with a couple slices of regular bacon just to give it a little extra seasoning with flavor.