View Full Version : Converting a dutch oven recipe t, o uds

Pig Nutz
12-29-2012, 01:04 AM
Ok heres why I joined this site a month ago, been a long time lurker:tape: not proud but thats the story. My sister in law served pork sandwiches for x-mas last week and I thought they were outstanding. I've been searching for this flavor for a decade or two and couldn't nail it. She did. I want to make it even better on my UDS if possible, not so sure about that. The recipe is on the net it is Paula Deans pork sandwich, very tasty if you ask me.

I don't care for liquid smoke in the recipe. The juices saved in the dutch oven are to die for. I would like to get rid of the fat and not lose all of the juice in the liquid because it becomes the killer sauce I like.

If I smoke till tender the juice is gone. I'm thinking alum pan or something and foil for the end of the cook. not sure?

I found a 3.1 pound pork roast in the freezer tonight. Scaled the recipe down and put the roast in the microwave for 5 minutes to thaw and rubbed it with the rub, which I've used alot particularly on chicken from a former general bbq rub recipe.

I want a good bark and the juice from the meat on my uds. Separate the fat and pour the juice back on.

What temp and what to do?