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08-12-2012, 10:58 PM

I have been a member of this board for quite sometime. Five years ago I set out to create a barbecue sauce that catered more to my taste buds. I'm originally from Mississippi but moved west of the Mississippi River back in 1996. I got into Q'n in 2000, found this site and the addiction has grown ever since. I now live in Shreveport, LA where the BBQ Sauce market is dominated by overly thick and overly sweet sauces. So, back in 2007 I got to piddlin' in the kitchen and came up with a sauce that I liked. I started serving it when we would have people over to cookout and that is kind of where Double D's BBQ started to form. People began to get me to make them jugs of my sauce. They would serve it at their own cookouts and tell someone and then they'd want some. You see this pattern.

It took me two years to get everything "legal" and to the point of being professionally bottled and packaged. The first bottle rolled off the assembly line 9/28/2011. Within six months we were in the two local Kroger stores and have since come out with a Cajun style pickle. Our vision is to continue adding product lines, growing our business and spreading the love of BBQ. We are very much about "business networking". We are constantly looking for online partnerships and ways to work together with other small businesses and create a win/win situation for both parties. Take a look at our website, our products and give us a try. Thank you very much.

David Guy
Double D's BBQ, LLC

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