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05-21-2012, 10:35 AM
2 years ago I volunteered to cook lunch for about 80 people as part of a United Way fundraiser. I had help from another Big Green Egg owner, so we both smoked up some butts and provided pulled pork for the group. Beans and cole slaw were provided by Sonny's, so our efforts were pretty focused. The event was a big success, so you guessed it, I was asked to cook again this year.

The only problem was that the guy who helped me the last time is gone, the number of people went up to 150, and I had to provide the beans and slaw also!

Given the limited capacity of my BGE I was forced to get creative to cook the required amount of pork. My solution was to build my first UDS. After researching the options for building a UDS I moved forward and the build went well. The cook went even better. I was able to cook 14 butts in 2 batches. The UDS held temps like a champ, and the capacity was great.

With problem 1 solved I again consulted this site for a good bean recipe. I decided on Keri's Hog Apple beans. The result was great! The beans are delicious.

Sorry, things were too crazy for me to remember to take pictures, but I'll try to in the future.

For now I want to offere a great big thanks for all those who contribute regularly to this site. It's a great resource and really helped make my efforts to support the United Way possible.


05-21-2012, 11:00 AM
Congrats on a successful cook! I feel the same way as you. I've been coming to this forum for about a year I think and have learned so much. This forum helped me decide on a 22.5" WSM and has given me so much in the way of ideas, techniques and confidence. I've done a couple of sandwich sales. Sold 50 pulled pork sandwiches on Saturday for a little extra cash to send the kids to camp. I got asked that afternoon if I wanted to cater for 80 today and I decided to go for it. The smoker's been going since 6 this morning and I'm pretty pumped. But, I only say all that to say, if it weren't for this site and so many great members, today would be nothing more than a normal work day. Instead, it could be just the start of something really awesome!

05-21-2012, 03:39 PM
Congrats on the great good, I'm in a similar boat with you, one egg and one drum (second one is almost ready, just needs hardware).

I do a lot of volunteer cooks too and use my drum for them. They always wander why I don't use my nice egg instead of that ugly drum. Once they start eating, they forget what is was cooked on! :-D