View Full Version : What's your funniest Que story?

04-02-2012, 09:55 PM
This is my true story. Years ago I fixed smoked chicken for a family get together. The next day I developed SEVERE cramping pains in my upper stomach region. Unable to diagnosis the Doc knocked me out and did a scope. I awoke to giggles and laughter..seems I had swallowed in my hungry haste part of the wishbone which got lodged where the stomach path empties to areas below. Not only did they have the trophy for me....my friends who were waiting informed all the staff that my new and long time justified nickname was.....as you would guess..... "Boner"...they still love my smoked chicken and still give me H*** about that....so...no matter how good the Que is folks.......CHEW YOUR FOOD!!!!!!:wink: