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01-01-2012, 11:58 AM
I asked the Brethren earlier this week how to cook the picnic I bought (the first time I have seen one), I was told to do it like a Butt so that is what I did.


I put my regular homemade rub and injection on and in it.


The sign by my Smoker area my wife got me for my berfday:


Did I tell you that she's my everything?

On the smoker after a little while:


It was snowing too!


Then it was done,




The picnic was just over 10 pounds, I put it in at 5:00 pm Saturday and held 225 - 250 during the cook.

I should have taken off the skin instead of leaving it on. It cooked very fast, I only got a little cracklin's before they got too done (but what I got was really good :-D)

I took it off the smoker at 1:00 (need my sleep) and put in the oven at 225, the picnic was at 162.

at 7:00 (14 hours in) it was at 195 - 200 (depending on where I probed it), so I pulled it from the oven and covered and coolered it for two hours.

I started with 10 pounds, the bone was one pound, probably snacked on less than 1/2#, and ended up with 5 very tasty pounds :becky:

Happy New Year Brothers!!!
and Thanks for lookin'

01-01-2012, 12:00 PM
Nice party!