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12-22-2011, 07:33 PM
Boneless, Skinless, Grilled on a Santa Maria Style Grill.......

Thanks to BBQ PD for some pointers on the cook, and his go to marinade (He cooks to a significantly lower temp than me, but I'm guessing his may spend some time in a Cambro).....

The Challenge: Getting a Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts to be safely cooked, yet still taste great.

This was the basis of my quest to find the perfect Breast:

Obviously, there are a lot of variables when grilling Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts.... Marinading or not, a short time window for perfection, ambient temps, fire temps, even the initial temp of the chicken. The challenge to cooking perfect Breast is to grill them within a tight temperature range, so they come out tender and moist, yet safely cooked.

Tools Involved:

5 Pounds Boneless Skinless Breasts
Soy Based Marinade
Santa Maria Style Grill
Black Thermapen
Cell Phone (No stop watch available).
Corelle Plates (BTW, They do break if dropped from grill height...don't ask)

Here is what I did:

Marinaded the Boneless Skinless Breasts for about 2 hours.
At about the 90 minute mark, I started my fire on the grill.
After all the coals were white hot, I put on the first piece.

The first piece was cooked exactly 12 minutes (Flipped once) to an IT of 155. I expected a little carryover, but saw none. I brought the chicken into my carefully selected panel (Wife and son) for testing. They liked it.


My second piece was cooked exactly 14 minutes (Flipped once) to an IT of 163. It registered a carryover of only 1-2 degrees. I brought the chicken into my carefully selected panel (Wife and son) again for testing. They liked this just as much.


I then proceeded to cook the remaining breasts. By this time, the fire was not as hot, and the breasts took a little longer to reach the target temps.

Because of so many external factors affecting the quick cook (Ie ambient temps, cooking temps, etc., I'm really glad I had my Thermapen. It was bouncing around more than normal and with a cheapo meat Thermometer, by the time the temp settled, some of the breasts would have likely passed my target temps.


My conclusion: For me and my family, the perfect breast (Tenderness, Moisture, Safety) is grilled to between 160-165 degrees. YMMV

These had great flavor, and I'm sure I'll be grilling hundreds of pounds of them next year.

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On man, this isn't what I was hoping for in this thread. :becky:


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+1^ :twisted:

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I'm guessing a lotta hits even without flames......

Dunno why...Just a feelin.:tsk:

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I found it too and she's marrying me :becky: :clap2:

BTW your breasts look nice too

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Looking good!:cool:

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Not what I was hoping for with the title of the thread :oops:

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What a tease!

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The perfect breast can't be BBQed.
It must be bathed in lovely hot water or broth, tenderly.
Oh...what were we talking about again...?

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What's wrong Bo...You don't like perfect breasts?:rolleyes:

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I think a lot of people settle for average breasts that they can nail every time.

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I think I need special glasses to see some Breasts! :twisted:

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I think I need special glasses to see some Breasts! :twisted:

MS...these look like Tri Tips to you?:becky:


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I usually pull off the skins and scrape off the silicone before continuing....

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Hey Buc,

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