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12-19-2011, 10:39 AM
It's been over 25 years since I last prepared a turkey in my Weber Kettle and my memory is just a bit "cloudy" about how much Kingsford blue charcoal to use. I have researched the matter on the internet and come up with several conflicting pieces of information. When I used to use my Weber, I built a pile of burning charcoal on either side of the kettle. The two piles were separated by a drip pan. Then, as time passed, I would add more unlit charcoal to each side to maintain temperature. That is where I need some advice.

One site suggests starting with 25 burning briquettes on each side and adding 4 to each side every hour of cooking. Another site says to use 30 burning briquettes on each side and to add an additional 25 burning briquettes to each side after 1 1/2 hours of cooking. Of course, Weber now says to build a "u" shaped fire as opposed to the spilt style I have used. Cook's Illustrated says to build a fire on one side and rotate the turkey halfway through the cooking process.

I would prefer to use my old two sided fire method because I have confidence in it. So, any suggestions on how many burning briquettes to start with for each side? Any suggestions on how many unlit briquettes to add to each side and how often?

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12-19-2011, 11:17 AM
I did a turkey breast yesterday on my Weber and started with 25 on each side and added 4 or 5 to each side every 45 minutes to an hour. The "OLD" Weber way.....

12-19-2011, 11:24 AM
One site suggests starting with 25 burning briquettes on each side and adding 4 to each side every hour of cooking. Jerry
If I remember correctly, this is what they used to do. Here is a link to an old Weber cookbook at The Virtual Weber Bulletin Board (http://tvwbb.com/eve/forums)

12-19-2011, 11:28 AM
I just dumped a chimney full of almost all lit briquettes on one side to cook a 15lb turkey on the rotisserie. That kept the temp between 325-375 for over 2 hours in the kettle.

12-19-2011, 12:29 PM
I made a 14 pound turkey on my weber kettle for thanksgiving. I lit about 30 briquettes in a chimney and placed half on each side of the weber. I placed the turkey in an aluminum pan in the middle and added 4 or 5 briquettes every hour or so. I cooked it at 350 degrees for about 4 hours, and it came out great.

12-19-2011, 02:06 PM
half on each side just seems to never burn evenly. so looong ago i switched to the coals on 1 side. i also cool down the breasts with ice for at least a half hour before putting it on the grill. i also put it on with the breast down for the first hour or so. then flip it breast side up. you can rotate the turkey around depending on the color if you wish. i cook until the breast is at 165 or so and then pull and rest for at least a half hour. the turkey always has very moist breast meat and the dark meat is cooked through.