View Full Version : Coming lineup

11-29-2011, 04:00 PM
Well hit the wally world with the wife today. Asked her if i could pickup a couple items. She said yes but just a few! So I got 5 lb of mix cheeses to smoke for the holiday's. Hope it's done aging by then. Got some 15 lbs hamburger thought it was 90/10 but its 80/20 so will de-fat that for jerky. Going to send half to my son in law and half to my nephew and there buddies over seas. Also 4 nice Turkey legs for brining and making fair legs!
Wife said I thought you said a few things, I said I did! 1.) cheese,2) burger 3) turkey legs. She just shook her head an I seen a smile go across her face when she thought I couldn't see. Got to love that women!