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11-27-2011, 03:10 AM
Good Morning all,

Just joined, and I'm trying to look through these here pages, to hopefully find something that's been posted before, so I don't seem like I'm trying to reinvent the wheel.

Unfortunately, either my long gazes at this here screen is making me cross eyed, or it just doesn't exist for me here yet (maybe I missed it and there's a post requirement before search bars are available?)

Anywho, please allow me to apologize in advance.

I'm sorry. My bad. Lo Siento. :wink:

My name's Cory, and I have this "new" project-

I was given a 275 gallon automotive oil tank for free. I also have a framed up trailer I got for free.

I'd like to make the two join and have a happy product. Unfortunately, I have never built a smoker, not entirely sure how to go about it, or even how to determine what would make me happiest.

For what it's worth, I don't ever see myself smoking food for more than 75 people, although I hear that smoking whole pigs in these things can be done, and is quite popular, regardless of the party size.

The tank still needs to be cleaned/burned out, so I guess before I get too far into this and over my head,

What would be the best way to make doors for this thing?

I also haven't quite found a decent "tutorial" on how to fab this entire thing up, so if there isn't one here presently, I'll offer up my luck and/or misfortunes to be shared for all in the future.

Again, if this has been hashed out before, I apologize. Please help me with a link to it, and I'll go back to lurking in the shadows until it's complete.

Thanks in advance,

11-27-2011, 03:51 AM
Look down to the bottom of the page for the site google search box. There will be another search engine appear at the top once you buy a subscription.