View Full Version : Chicken hindquarters this way I'll do it again

11-24-2011, 06:40 PM
I do hope everyone had a great turkey day with friends and family! This was our smallest crowd so far but we made the most food so every one got a nice to-go sack. Last nite the new Party was runnin so I took my last bag of hindquarters 10lbs, cleaned um up and dusted with a Kansas City Sweet rub. 3 hours later pulled them off, put them in a container and stuck them in the fridge. We were kinda goofin off a little as folks were startin to show up so I fired up the turkey frier. Got her to 350 degrees and grabbed two hindquarters put them in the basket, dropped them in for 5 minutes and pulled them out.

GAD ZOOKS, the skin was nice and crispy and it was warm right to the bone. All who tried them fell over so if you have both of these items at home you may want to set them together cuz at least for me it's a mariage made in heaven! :thumb: