View Full Version : miss flavored mop

11-02-2011, 12:59 AM
I made my first mop today. it tasted AWESOME until the last two ingredients.

I added three lemon slices and 1 tbls of butter.

here is the actual recipe i made up

1.5 cups distilled or cider vingar(most say distilled white tastes best)
1/8th cup or less ground pepper
1tbls or less crushed red pepper
1/4th cup ketchup
1/4th cup kosher salt
dark brown sugar. enough to balance the salt and vinegar flavors
chili powder
minced onions
lemon slices

My wife told me it could be the butter. i agree. maybe the fat and the acid had a fight and the fat lost. haha

i know its one of those two ingredients. My question is... WHY? haha

and how to fix it with out making it worse.