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04-22-2005, 11:54 AM
Last weekend I supplied pulled pork barbeque for two friends. One was for a going away party and the other a funeral. Everyone said it was the best pork barbeque they had ever had which you are always glad to hear. Now I've been told that some would like to hire me to cater their kids graduation parties! Never having done this before, I would welcome any and all advice on how much to prepare and how much to charge from my fellow brothers-in-smoke who have experience in this area.

Hey DF, what can you tell me?

04-22-2005, 01:25 PM
What are you serving and how much stuff are you providing?

Pork sandwiches, beans and slaw OR potato salad with plates, utensils - about $7 a head delivered but not served. Or if you're not interested in profit: probably $3 - 3.50 per head.

I've seen pork and chicken with beans, slaw, spooned cornbread - no utensils, etc. for $7

Just meat, delivered - $8 a pound (cooked) - no profit about $3-3.50 per pound.

Remember that I'm used to delivering a meal at cost and/or attempting to make a profit so I actually figure portions and food cost. :D Your mileage may vary!

If you're doing it as a favor - go price what you think you'll need and offer to do it for expenses only. Save receipts - get a check - call it even!

Or just split the difference - tell them $5 per person for pork sandos, etc. - you'll make a little (maybe) and they'll get a deal. For "estimates" I use $1 per meat (brisket or ribs $2), .50 per side, .25 for buns/bread. This'll get you in the ballpark.

04-23-2005, 05:12 PM
I charge $7.50 person for pork sandwich, 1 side, lemonade, sauce, and all plates, silverware, napkins ,etc included.

Or $4.99 /lb for just the meat, they supply everything else.

As for how much to prepare ; figure 4 servings per pound of cooked meat, and make sure to explain that one serving is only 1 sandwich!