View Full Version : Chicken Yield for a Full Pan

08-25-2011, 11:19 AM
Have done some searching on chicken yields and seems like there is good consensus that a cooked chicken, regardless of what it is (except for boneless breast) will yield about 35% - 40%. However, I had some trouble finding out one piece of info. About how much pulled chicken will fit in a half pan? How much for a full pan? I'm not talking about packed down as tight as you can get mind you.

My work is having a little party and it's primarily an everyone brings something deal. So I'm not actually cooking towards a target number of people. I just said I'd bring a pan of pulled pork and a pan of pulled chicken for sandwiches. For pork, I know I would normally do 2 or 3 butts and it would be pretty full. So that would be 16 - 24 pounds of pork, or roughly 10 - 14.5 lbs after cooking. But I'm not sure if chicken would be about the same. Would a full pan really hold about 14lbs of pulled chicken? If so, at 35% yield I'd need to cook 40lbs of whole chickens, or about 7 - 8 birds. That's a lotta birds.

If anyone has some thoughts, or wants to verify my logic, it'd be much appreciated.

Mister Bob
08-25-2011, 11:26 AM
A half tray is about 5 pounds, a whole pan 10 to 11 pounds, but you could pack more in.