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Lake Dogs
08-23-2011, 02:21 PM
I recently purchased a BEEEUTIFUL Weber Genesis E-310 grill. One problem; the casters are definitely meant for a back porch or cement patio, not rolling in the yard... Anyone had any success replacing smaller "indoor" casters with larger outdoor casters?

08-23-2011, 02:50 PM
If you can come up with a way to attache them, they should be great. You may have to build a dolly with a wood frame and the big casters that you can mount the grill on top of.


Lake Dogs
08-23-2011, 02:55 PM
I've already started to consider that very option...

Lake Dogs
08-23-2011, 05:21 PM
bump. still same question. I'd rather not build a frame to mount this beast on, but it looks like it may be the way to go...

08-23-2011, 06:22 PM
I've not tried it, and I'm not familiar with that grill, but my experience with casters is that the larger they are, the thicker diameter the post of the caster is. I'm assuming that the casters on the grill stick up into a hole? I'd think you're going to have trouble getting a larger, sturdier caster set that has a post that will fit the hole.

Of course, I could be TOTALLY wrong.

Are these like what your grill has?

I used some heavy duty casters for a Cub Scout thing I built last year, and they were on a heavy mounting plate that had to be bolted/screwed to the bottom of what I was mounting them to. Can something like this work for your grill?

chomper's bbq
08-23-2011, 06:27 PM
Up north we'd put it on a tobogan and pull it or mount a couple of old wooden skis. Find a junk large wheel lawnmower and mount two wheels on one side.

08-23-2011, 06:55 PM

I've replaced many casters that have worn flat or otherwise gave up the ghost on the Genesis grills. Home Despot usually has similar ones at half the price of Weber's. Take out the plastic plug in the legs and bring it with you to make sure the caster shafts are the same. I've never tried another style of caster, but there are some rubber wheeled varieties that should match. The problem you will encounter in going with a sturdier caster is it will alter the height and it won't be level.

What you could do is mount another wheel set and do away with the casters all together, drill a hole through the legs, get another set of 8" Weber wheels, round stock for the axle, a couple flat washers. It will roll easier, but then again, it will roll! Here is what I did to a NB Silver Smoker.


My Bandera has the same cheesy casters, and the plastic wheels are not much better, so I've been contemplating beefing them up.
The gasser stays on the deck, so I know what you mean about dragging it around the yard. Let me know what you settle on.

Lake Dogs
08-24-2011, 07:13 AM
Thanks guys! Wampus, yes and yes. If I go the new foundation with casters route, I'll probably buy those; they look sturdy and fairly heavy duty at a reasonable cost.

Brian, interesting. Luckily I have 4 casters, so if I replace all 4 it should be level. However, wheels vs. casters may be the ticket... I cant drill, per se, because I'd incumber the doors from opening... I may however try this on the frame first (if I have to build one). I'm frankly a little surprised and disappointed that Weber didnt do a little better job on this.

08-24-2011, 07:30 AM
Most pneumatic casters i could find online have a flat plate that mounts to a stand/cart that's gonna be moved around but weber uses caster with a small shaft that slides into a plastic grommet in the steel tubing. So unless you can find caster with the same setup as weber then you'll need to do a little modifying. But if you can find caster with the same shaft as the webers then you could always use something such as hardwood cut to fit snuggly in the tubing, then drill the appropiate hole for the shaft. You could even epoxy the wood in there to ensure it'll never move at all.

If you use the casters w/the plate then i'd use something like a sheet of 3/4" plywood with pieces of wood cut down to fit inside the steel tubing that's screwed to the plywood then set the cart on that, then attached the casters w/screws to the plywood base. Or use casters/wheels with an axle and just drill through holes in the tubing.