View Full Version : Thanks for a weekend of good food

08-22-2011, 09:20 AM
Just want to say thanks brethren for all the advice and tips. This weekend was the last weekend before the kids started school so we had a low key hang around the house type of weekend. This gave me lots of time for cooking outside.
Friday Night Hurricanes and Porterhouse steaks on the Webber Kettle.
Saturday Night Wine and grilled chicken thighs marinated in a honey- mustard-ginger combo.
Sunday Beer with Pulled Pork. 7.5 lb picnic cut 11 hour smoke on the UDS.
Today Lunch Turkey Breast Pastrami Smoked on the UDS last night after the picnic came off. Nothing to drink - I'm at work after all.
Sorry no pron I am not good at self documentation.
PS I love my UDS it ran for 15 hours in the low 200s yesterday and judging from what I could see in the dark it could have gone another two.

08-22-2011, 09:40 AM
Sounds like a fantastic weekend! I haven't cooked a weekend meal indoors since I can't remember when.

There's no way yer cooking doesn't get better from hanging around here, that's for sure. :thumb:

08-22-2011, 09:42 AM
Sounds like a great weekend! :thumb:

08-22-2011, 11:36 AM
sounds like a fantastic weekend. Good for you!