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08-20-2011, 06:23 PM
the recipe has been around a while in our family, and it's because it's not got an ounce of fail in it anywhere, it's simply the definition of AWESOMENESS, in a casserole dish.

Here's the players....plus chicken of course and onions.

first ya gotta start with the chicken, a 3 lb bag of the frozen stuff works just about perfectly, add more or less to fit your meaty desire ( i like more) that cooks til done in the oven, ( or i have also SUCCESSFULLY also smoked the chicken to give it another level of AWESOMENESS) then ya shred it chop it what ever ya gotta do to get it down to small manageable pieces. we use two forks to accomplish the shredding.


whilst the chix are cookin, here's your chance to chop up the green onions, two bunches are what i used from the store... i imagine about 6 in each bunch, so a dozen green onions will be your friend, and i use most of the onion, well into the green part.

after the chix are done cookin, and you've torn the flesh to pieces, it's time to mix up all the players, i like to start with the onions, cuz i can that's why then the green chilis both cans all of it juice and all, i mix it together by hand. next i break out a spoon, make sure it's a sturdy one, cuz this stuff is THICK with AWESOMENESS. empty both cans of cream of chicken in and mix it up good, then the sour cream, same thing i used almost all of the ... Medium sized tub of it, i like it creamy!!
Next is cheese... and LOTS OF IT!! put that in the bowl and mix everything one last time till it's all good n junk.

should look kinda like this

Now are you ready for the speed class cuz here it comes.... throw some glop in the bottom of the casserole dish and smear it around ( this helps to prevent the sticking) then heat up your corn CORN holy crap for all that is holy USE CORN TORTILLAS!!!! we used to use hot oil to dip the tortillas in, ( to soften em up and junk) but we use the Nuker now, it's faster, and healthier as well but mostly cuz it's faster...and no oil burns...and it's faster.throw em in between some kitchen towels and usually 40 seconds on about 10 tortillas works good. where was i.... heat up the tortillas, fill 'em with glop and roll em, stuff as many as you can in the dish, and start fillin the next one.... cuz you'll have plenty to do a couple dishes, and dont try to cut the recipe down... it's not worth it, you WILL want this awesomeness, and you WILL want it ALLLLLL. after they are all stuffed in there and stuff, take a bunch of the mix and slather all over the top, i like to fill in all the gaps and make it all smooth with the filling.



throw it in the oven @350 foiled, i go about half hour or so til the middle is hot and the sides are well bubbling, remove the foil and CHEESE it, the more the merrier. then throw it back in WITHOUT the foil, til the cheese is all melty, once it gets there, take it out and let it cool while ya set the table.... heed my warning here, if you wanna be a boyscout, and prepare the table first... you better be prepared to spray burn ointment on you tongue which has now fallen off due to the extreme heat emitted from the cheesy goodness... let it cool...or else..



Enjoy, you wont be disappointed, and there are many variations i have done and all have been accepted and enjoyed.

here's the Reader's Digest version:

about 3 lbs chcken
24 oz tub of sour cream
2 lil cans of green chili
2 lil cans of cream of chicken soup
2 lbs of shredded cheese seperate out enough to cover 2 casserole dishes worth of goodness
about a dozen green onions, ( two bunches from the store)
CORN CORN CORN tortillas, ( thirty pack works good)

cook chicken ( oven it or smoke it, grill it even it's all good), shred chicken, mix all ingredients ( except tortillas). oven at 350. glop casserole dish to prevent sticking, stuff tortillas, glop over the top of tortillas, foil and oven for half hour, remove foil, cheese the top of enchiladas, re install in the oven, til cheese melts. COOL for your mouths sake please cool. and enjoy.

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Mmmm... That looks great! I'll bet it would be even better with corn tortillas!


08-20-2011, 06:51 PM
Mmmm... That looks great! I'll bet it would be even better with corn tortillas!


it IS good with corn tortillas!! thats why i use em!!

08-20-2011, 08:16 PM
these are so good, almost better cold!!

08-20-2011, 08:41 PM
That looks delicious, wonder what it would be like if smoked the breasts then assembled it all in the casserole dish and threw it back in the smoker to finish everything.

08-20-2011, 08:44 PM
probably pretty good, it might overpower? but i dunno, i bet would be goooood

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Good fer breakfast too

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Thanks for the recipe and pr0n! :thumb: