View Full Version : Recommendations for Brisket in Baltimore/MD

07-24-2011, 09:37 PM
Hey folks. There seem to be a number of Maryland based bretheren here...would appreciate suggestions for good brisket relatively nearby in the greater Baltimore area.

I've been smoking for ~ 7 months and am having a blast. Have been reading a lot and reviewing whatever I can, plus getting great feedback from folks here. But I came to Q without having had tried great Q previously. I really have no idea what stuff should taste like. My previous brisket experience was from a crock pot...cooked in piles of Kraft barbecue sauce. :doh:

The stuff I've been making in the smoker is quite different (flavor and texture) and MUCH tastier than the crock pot brisket, but I just don't have a good frame of reference for what I should be shooting for.

Suggestions would be appreciated.



5-0 BBQ
07-24-2011, 10:36 PM
I go to Restaurant Depot on Annapolis Rd

07-24-2011, 10:48 PM
Hey 5-0! How goes everything?

Sorry if I wasn't clear.... Am looking for places to try what folks here consider really good brisket...already smoked, sliced, and ready to enjoy. Does RD have prepared food?


5-0 BBQ
07-24-2011, 11:22 PM
Sorry I read too fast. :doh: I can say other than mine or other comp teams in the area that I have not had good brisket at a restaurant. I have had some great pit beef :-D

Give me advance notice and we can do a Brisket at the store one Saturday. We could call it a Brethren Lunch.