View Full Version : First smoker (UDS) - First Brisket

06-05-2011, 12:52 AM
Alright...I've got the UDS seasoned and the brisket is rubbed. I've got a 12# packer...simple seasoning...just like the super long, wonderful "brisket tutorial" I just read.

I'll be stoking the UDS up around 5:30 am aiming for supper around....whenever the brisket is ready! :)

pRon tomorrow....I need some sleep.

(also got a couple of whole chickens for some "bourbon can" chicken. I just don't don't do beer.

06-05-2011, 01:13 AM
Looking forward to updates!

06-05-2011, 07:04 AM
My first cook in the UDS was a brisket too. Turned out great as I bet yours does too. Relax and enjoy the process.

06-05-2011, 07:08 AM
Alright...so 5:15 am...the four legged alarms sounded...let them out to do their business and I got the UDS goin...

1st pic is using the chimney starter over the side burner on my gasser. I've read so much on this site over the last few weeks I don't remember where I read it, but it was an idea from this site to start it up that way...no newspaper and no ash! :)

2nd is my packer brisket going on the grate at 6am. I intentionally went light on the seasoning...It's my first one....I'll ease into figuring out seasoning. Although...I must say...it looks naked in the picture.

So I've got about 15# of Kingsford Blue and 4 chunks of hickory. The UDS came up to 260-270 at the grate and seems to be holding. I'll be watching for a bit longer to be sure, then I'm getting a bit more sleep.

I won't be looking at that meat for 10 hours...so more updates later. Unless I have problems...then I'll be back sooner.

06-05-2011, 08:15 AM
Looking good Dave!!

06-05-2011, 10:46 PM
Alright...sorry no pRon tonight.

I checked the brisket at 10 hours....point was good...the flat felt okay..but I was worried about it not being done enough. (ya know it's my first time).

Another hour and I checked it again....better...foil and into the cooler.

Meanwhile...up the temp to 375 and throw on two beer can chicken.. subbing my favorite bourbon for the beer.

The brisket point was great...the flat was overdone...couldn't cut it...it just fell apart...and the very end was like jerky.

The rest tasted okay...and was extremely tender....we had some pulled beef for dinner. I'll trust myself next time and pull the brisket when my gut says it's done. I'll also add a lot more seasoning.

The chicken was GREAT!! Good smoke flavor, a hint of bourbon and very moist. Wife said "The chicken has great flavor...can you do that with the brisket?" (she was just ribbin me a bit."

I guess I'll learn from this brisket and it'll be better next time.