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  1. Here are the pictures and web is www.allchinas.com
  2. Stainless steel Gravity Feed Wood Pellet Smoker & Grill
  3. My Budget Digital Thermostat
  4. Budget Digital Thermostat,Temperature Controller
  5. Performance Report Offset Grill, Precise Temperature Control
  6. D.I.Y. Wood Pellet Burner to Turn Offset to Automatic Pit
  7. Does wood pellet smoker work or not
  8. Videos explain how my design works
  9. New Vertical Cabinet Smoker
  10. Mini-Smoker, Vertical Cabinet Type, Special Designed for USA
  11. I smoked Picnic Pork at 60C for 3 hours and 70C for 7 hours
  12. I need semi-volunteer to test my mini-smoker
  13. make charcoal by your self
  14. Grease Catcher, Composite Grill
  15. Dual Probes, Pit Temperature Controller
  16. Sous-Vide is Simple! and Cheaper!
  17. Programmable 4 Temp. Stages, Dual Probes, PID Controller
  18. SS Charcoal/Pellet Grill 300 AUS for Australia & USA market
  19. Distributors wanted: most advanced BBQ Temp. Controller
  20. Do you need WIFI on your temperature controller
  21. Win a free BBQ temperature controller.
  22. Temperature Contollers
  23. New Concept SS Cold Smoker with Ice Water Cooler
  24. Grease Grill
  25. Upgrade on Cold Smoke Generator
  26. WIFI & 600' Wireless Remote Controlled Pit Temperature Controller Thermostat
  27. Universal Thermostat,Dual Probes, Programmable, 80 to 260 VAC, 19 amps, for Upgrade old type wood pellet smoker, electrical Smoker,Sous Vide, Brewery
  28. PID controllers on EBay
  29. Most Budget BBQ controller for charcoal burning smoker
  30. Made in China BBQ controller and Commentsers
  31. WIFI BBQ controller is simple and easy to use
  32. Feedback on my cold smoke generator
  33. Golden Tiger PID smoker controller from Ebay - review with lots-o-pics
  34. My review of the Golden Tiger
  35. Clone of WSM or ProQ is ready
  36. comparison of two cold smoke generators
  37. Wireless Thermometer, Brine Injector, BBQ Controller
  38. 3 in 1 BBQ GRILL SMOKER with Grease Catch Grill, 5 Shafts Rotisserie, Temp. Controller
  39. Universal Multi Purpose Thermostat Temperature controller for electrical or charcoal smokers, PID, Programmable 8 Phases
  40. New Design, 3 Skewers Spit Rotisserie
  41. True Cold Smoke Generator with Ice & Water Cooler
  42. I setup BBQ controller LION V3, please check by yurself
  43. 2 In 1, wood pellet smoker and hog roaster box
  44. LION Version #4 is ready. BBQ Controller with WIFI
  45. Video tells you how the gravity feed burner works
  46. Compensation plan to buyers of LION V1 & 2
  47. Special offer of Cold Smoke Generator
  48. BBQ Controller, WOLF Fan Adapter,Package offer $99, $59 off
  49. Wireless Remote Controller Power Draft Controller TIGER $99
  50. videos tell how cold smoker generator work
  51. Controller developed for Wood Pellet Smoker
  52. Universal Thermostat for Sous Vide, Electric Smoker, Charcoal Smoker
  53. Distributors wanted: Power Draft System for BBQ
  54. Business Proposal for Commercial BBQ Restaurant
  55. Power Draft Wireless Remote Controller, the TIGER is ready for delviery
  56. Legal Help wanted, what shall I do when I meet a cheater from BBQ-Brethren
  57. Thank You Guys. One more Tiger @ $99
  58. Dear altomari8868, attention please
  59. My review of Lion v4
  60. My review of Lion v4
  61. Lion Wifi PID Thermostat and Akorn Grill Review
  62. Apology to Squeal Appeal and Thanks for Your Payment at Last
  63. Gravity Burner Review
  64. Tiger In My Mailbox With No Owner's Manual
  65. Operation Manual on Remote Set of Tiger
  66. Hinge, Handle, Wheel ect for D.I.Y.
  67. Lion / (Tiger) Questions and Answers from a satisfied customer
  68. Reverse Flow Pellet/Charcoal Grill Smoker Offset
  69. Just something for fun.
  70. Videos tell you how my gravity feed burner works
  71. Do you need a thermometer with WIFI
  72. Golden Tiger Menu settings vs. Operations manual Menu settings
  73. What power source do you like in my BBQ draft controller
  74. Dear BBQ-Brethren, anyone has a greenhouse or a poultry arm
  75. Wolf arrived, initial thoughts, and reflections on what power supply to go with
  76. MOST BUDGET controllers to be developed, comments wanted
  77. Cold Smoke Generator Powered by AC/DC adapter, stepless fan speed
  78. Most Affordable BBQ Power Draft Controller, mechanical thermostat
  79. Version V2/V3 Gold Lion exchange/refund?
  80. Adapter
  81. Big News! fire box to make your smoker temp. under control
  82. Entrance Level BBQ COntroller, Digital Programmable, PID SSR,
  83. What do you guys like RUGU DIGIQ
  84. change names of DOG WOLF TIGER LION ect. I will pay for advise
  85. Again. DOG with Photos.
  86. Folow-up for Pellet Burner Lion Combo
  87. Using Burner in winter
  88. Do you really need ONE controller to cntrol multi-smokers at same time
  89. Golden Cold Smoke Generator vs Smokey Daddy
  90. Testimonials on Golden BBQ Controllers, and Promotional Give-Aways
  91. Vertical Cabinet Smoker, Double Walls with 2" Fiber Glass
  92. DIY/Upgrade smoker by pellet burner, Temp. swing under 3 F
  93. Wireless BBQ thermometer, to be developed, or not
  94. Cold Smoke Generator, Promotional Package, Limited Quantity
  95. My Golden Dog review
  96. Videos Tell You How Great the Gravity Feed Burner is
  97. ONE set of LION package with SS box on sale, US$200
  98. Digital Power Draft Controller of DOG, new promotional offer
  99. Sales Partner, Advice Wanted
  100. Wolf Initial Setup, I cant quite figure it out
  101. Do you need to add a Spit Rotisserie in your offset
  102. Advice wanted, add on of Weber Kettle,
  103. Day Time Dream About BBQ
  104. NEW Wolf and Rainproof System, and Promotional Offers
  105. Three in One, Cold Smoker, Fire Box, Camping Stove,
  106. What is wrong with my Cold Smoke Generator
  107. Vertical Cabinet Smoker Designed for UK and Canada, Same as Chubby or Baby smoker
  108. REVIEWS on Digital Power Draft Controller of GOLDEN-DOG
  109. Help! question about big green egg
  110. Wolf Quick Reference Sheet
  111. GOLDEN-RHINO,multi-purpose Thermostat for Sous Vide, Electrical Smoker, Stick Smoker ect.
  112. DO true and genuine COLD smoking in Weber, BGE, or offset
  113. Wanted: Sales Master for Power Draft Controller.
  114. Come in please:Decision makers of Backwoods, or Stump, Or Vikiing, or any Gravity Feed Smoker, or Ceramic Smokers
  115. Christmas and New Year PROMOTIONAL
  116. WANTED: e-commerce seller on Internet
  117. My idea for a UDS. Opinions welcomed.
  118. I am thinking again to develop WiFi thermometer to beat igrill
  119. Thermostat, Dual Probes, with WIFI, 80 to 260 VAC, 10 AMPS, PID SSR outlet
  120. Revised Venturi Cold Smoke Generator
  121. Most simple smoke generating box
  122. Do you want to add ceramic lining inside your smoker.
  123. Online Investgation, How many of you guys break Kamado grill
  124. Turn Weber Kettle to CERAMIC Pizza Oven
  125. Why UDS and Offset, too many unreasonables
  126. New wiring of WOLF
  127. eBay Feedbacks on Golden Controllers DOG WOLF TIGER LION RHINO and Elephant
  128. my 3 skewer rotisserie design is cloned
  129. My review of Wolf fan controller and wood pellet burner
  130. Which is best PID controller
  131. BBQ Controller Sales Wanted: on eBay, Amazon, Craiglist, Competition, and Whatever
  132. Mod on UDS
  133. FREE BBQ thermometer with WIFI, the wGrill
  134. BBQ Controller Golden-DOG Package Offer at $59, good till further notification
  135. Kits for D.I.Y. UDS
  136. BBQ Thermometer W/WIFI in exchange of BBQ winner's receipt
  137. common charcoal grill with Rotisserie, made from SS
  138. fire basket to upgrade Weber Kettle
  139. Akorn dog?
  140. Revised PBC or UDS, made from SS, size 17.7"x17.7"
  141. New Offer for Golden-Dog. for sales partner only
  142. wGrill is ready. wireless thermoter with WIFI,
  143. Partner(s) wanted for http://www.kickstarter.com/ project
  144. Golden Lion V1 probes
  145. my UDS by revised firebox, and 1" lining by ceramic mud
  146. How many use Kettle cast iron smoker
  147. Burner to Upgrade an offset to automatic smoker, first repeated order
  148. I have one step forward. Old customers please come in
  149. Price Reduced $250, free shipping. Stainless Steel PBC or UDS or Dehydrator, With Thermostat
  150. How big the ATC market is, or how many you are using BBQ Guru
  151. Would you like to D.I.Y. a Komado/Ceramic Smoker at $150 to $200
  152. Mini-UDS, 12'X12", made from stainless steel
  153. Lion Redesign status
  154. QMaster-Senior is ready. Dual probes, PID outlet, programmable. Win free set(s)
  155. FREE GIVEAWAY, wireless thermometer & 2 OZ Brine Injector
  156. wGrill is back again. Thermometer with WIFI
  157. I am hurt by BRITISH BBQ SOCIETY. www.bbbqs.com
  158. Attention please, buyers of wGrill V1, Please contact me for free V2
  159. Happy Chinese New Year, Zodiac of Horse, Limited offer of Senior and wGrill @ 50% Discount
  160. BBQ Thermometer W/WIFI, the wGrill now is alive online
  161. High temp. Probe up to 450C or 840F. Free for Old Customers
  162. I need a partner to take care of sales on amazon.com
  163. name of entry level BBQ controller, more simple than Junior
  164. Starter/Accelerator For Wood Burning Smokers
  165. questions about wGrill upgrade
  166. Do you need a BQB controller with built-in battery
  167. QMaster-Junior is just upgraded
  168. Reverse Flow UDS or PBC. Do you like it
  169. wGrill adds display of numerical data in addition to real time curve
  170. Q Master Senior used at Competition
  171. Connecting Wgrill to internet
  172. Again Naming Question, BBQ Controller Family, too Many Kids
  173. Live smoke with Junior and Wgrill
  174. Tune data of P,I,D of BBQ controller, share your experience, win free high temp. probe
  175. 3 in 1 BBQ cold smoke generator, charcoal starter, temp. controller
  176. wGrill + QMaster
  177. I am going to give away one piece of wGrill to ID here.
  178. Reverse Flow UDS or PBC. prototype is ready
  179. Qmaster Sr. programming ?
  180. Q Master Senior competitions
  181. Performance of QMaster-Junior, curve is more than worth of 1000 words
  182. QMaster-EZ, BBQ Controller with built-in Li Ion battery
  183. QMaster Jr and WSM
  184. My New Offer on wGrill, Risk Free Purchase Plan
  185. QMaster-Senior is ready again. Dual Probes Digital BBQ Controller
  186. Sales Partners wanted, conditions inside
  187. I need positive feedback on eBay and I will offer 50% discount on Junior and wGrill in exchange
  188. ATC Qmaster Senior Quality and basic setup My first post
  189. portable wood burning pizza-oven
  190. How many want brine injector 2 oz @$14 and 4 oz @$18
  191. QMaster Senior Mini Review
  192. Case report, Senior is used in modification of The Good-One Marshall
  193. Q Master Junior
  194. Technology for remote control, bluetooth, WiFi, 4G. Which do you like
  195. New! portable wood pizza oven. can be transferred to tent stove for outdoor camping
  196. QMaster-EZ is ready. with built-in battery li-ion 18650
  197. Portable Battery Power Bank for BBQ Controllers
  198. Qmaster senior automatic temp control
  199. Rainproof BBQ power draft for wood burning smoker
  200. Report on my reverse flower PBC, and importer wanted
  201. SS Portable Pizza Oven,also tent oven for outdoor camping fishing skiing
  202. SS cold smoke generator, back draft by venturi pipe
  203. we are upgrading wGrill to Plug & Play, Old Buyers Come in please
  204. Co carbon monoxide free wood burning tent stove.
  205. Dear new buyers, please buy directly from me other than via eBay
  206. new test on stainless steel portable pizza oven
  207. Convert Kit to change a Weber Kettle to Pizza Oven, Different from KettlePizza
  208. win FREE waterproof box setup for BBQ controllers QMaster-Junior & Senior
  209. Qmaster Jr. issue
  210. Ceramic Smoker Users, Help! Thanks
  211. Aluminum hard case box for carrying QMaster-Senior & Junior
  212. Do you need a very simple BBQ controller, just Plug & Play
  213. Battery Power Pack for BBQ Competition
  214. wGrill, BBQ Thermometer with WiFi, @ US$60, free air mail.
  215. Qmaster Senior problem
  216. Senior setting question
  217. BBQ Smoker Controller QMaster-Lite, KickStarter
  218. need help fixing probe if possible
  219. qmaster - Senior Question
  220. Prototype of QMaster-Lite is ready. KickStarter is still on
  221. Waterproof box for BBQ Controller
  222. WSM adapter
  223. true cold smoke of 40-50F for salmon and cheese
  224. Qmaster Senior news
  225. QMaster-Lite is ready. BBQ Temp. Congtroller, as simple as Plug & Play
  226. US$30 for Thermostat, 12 VDC power, 10 CFM blower & Adapter
  227. Stainless Steel Wood Tent Stove for outdoor camping fishing hunting
  228. Wgrill
  229. Effective distance of wGrill is 1000 Feet.
  230. Kits Package to Build Ugly Drum Smoker UDS or PBC
  231. Drawer type fire basket to build BBQ smoker, Refill any time
  232. Qmaster Senior PID questions
  233. 50Cfm Fan for Qmaster Junior or Qmaster Lite
  234. BBQ thermometer with WIFI, view remotle on COMPUTER instead of smart phone
  235. WiFi thermometer, view on Browsers like I.E. Chrome,Firefox. on Computer or Smart Phone NO APP is needed
  236. Do you need a tipi tent in snowing season. You can do it!
  237. At last new version of WiFi thermometer is ready. Promoting price for old buyers
  238. Portable Wood Pellet Pizza Oven, with a Rotatable Table inside
  239. Pizza Oven, add on a Gas Stove
  240. Gas Stove Top add on pizza oven
  241. PizzaRoPlus:wood pellet pizza oven with AUTOMATIC rotating table
  242. Mini-UDS smoker on top of gas stove
  243. Portable Wood Pizza Oven, with Rotating Table
  244. BBQ cold smoke generator, size dia. 2 1/2"X 8", US$59 free shipping
  245. New year promotion for members here. Temperature controller QMaster-Lite US$80
  246. Coffee bean roaster on charcoal fire, but why not meat too
  247. At 拉斯特,portable wood fired pizza oven works greatly
  248. portable wood pizza oven four outdoor camping hunting party
  249. charcoal fired home coffee roaster. slight used US$118, brand new US$158,free shipping
  250. charcoal fired coffee bean roaster, new version, big drum size, easy fill in/pull out