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  1. WoW
  2. will be posting many of our new builds here stay tuned!!!!!
  3. Shirley fab e-mail problems
  4. Shirley Fab E-mail should be working
  5. just an idea
  6. Vertical Offset/ Insulated Vertical
  7. Shout out for TuscaloosaQ
  8. Insulating firebox
  9. Congratulations to the Award Winning Shirley Fabrication
  10. Test Video
  11. Test video
  12. Test video from phone
  13. New cooker design
  14. SF Customer Service...to the max!
  15. Andrew Martins video/ custom build
  16. Shirley fabrication the other side
  17. New design by Shirley fabrication
  18. Vance Perkins custom build... Straight back reverse flow
  19. Paul Sotellos custom build
  20. Jeff Neths custom build
  21. A graduation gift... It a cooker
  22. This is a beauty... Shaun Clarkes build
  23. Now this is Shaun clarkes build.... One of my favorites
  24. Gerd ellis custom build... With traditional doors
  25. Paul Hauns build
  26. Clays 30x80 cabinet door cooker
  27. Buddy in Georgia 24x65 cabinet model reverse flow
  28. 30x84 custom build.. With traditional doors
  29. Tylers custom build ... For Tyler
  30. Three cookers by Shirley fabrication
  31. More cookers by Shirley fabrication
  32. Carlos big 30x 90 cabinet model
  33. PapaDon's Shirley Fabrication Cooker
  34. Coming soon to the Shirley Website near you
  35. Holy Smokes build
  36. Thank you from the Shirley's
  37. Now taking deposits for October
  38. November deposits. What a Christmas gift!
  39. DMV on Shirley Fabrication trailers
  40. New 24x65 modified trailer on order
  41. [SF] Cracked firebox/paint - need advice
  42. Shirley Fabrication closed
  43. United Way Raffle
  44. Whole Hog
  45. Partnership with St Louis BBQ Store
  46. United way raffle
  47. new highly custom rig by Shirley fabrication
  48. Feb 2019 Video...... custom build
  49. Newest custom builds with video
  50. Tyler and crew showed out on this rig
  51. Tyler and his crew with new shirley design
  52. July 2019 build for a happy customer
  53. Dad hoe... picking ... and plowing
  54. Newest cooker added to our fleet
  55. Some of our patio models at shirley Fabrication
  56. New prototype walk a round by TQ
  57. New custom build by me..... Tyler let Dad loose on this one
  58. A Message From Tyler Shirley From Shirley Fabrication